Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS(Hon) CPAGB APAGB
Judy Buckley-Sharp LRPS CPAGB APAGB

Most of our talks are documentaries on the geography, history, culture, language and economics of Turkey. We take a series of topics based on our extensive research and illustrate them using photographs taken during our many visits to Istanbul, Cappadocia (central region), and Lykia (SW region).
The Istanbul and Lykia talks have undergone continual refresh as we have developed the content and added to the available images.
While we hope that all the images in our talks reflect the skills we have learnt, only ‘Our Journey Through Printing’ is primarily a presentation and discussion of our individual photographs.

Each talk is detailed on its own page, with a poster and gallery
  • Talk A. Istanbul [1] & The Bosphorus
  • Talk B. Istanbul [2] & Topkapı Palace
  • Talk G. Istanbul [3] & Shopping
  • Talk L. Istanbul [4] & Fun Fare!
  • Talk C. Cappadocia – Poetry in Rocks
  • Talk D. Taste of Cappadocia & Konya to the Coast
  • Talk E. Lykia – Visiting the Past Today
  • Talk F. Lykia – Land of Mountains
  • Talk K. There be Dragons
  • Talk N. Lykia – Hidden Corners
  • Talk H. Our Journey in Printing
  • Talks J. A variety of workshops
  • Talks M. Several miscellaneous short presentations

The talks on Istanbul (A,B,G,L), Cappadocia (C,D), Lykia (E,F,K,N), on printing (H), and where shown in the M series are all dual authored and presented by both of us. Any of your publicity must show both our names as presenters.
Workshops in the J series and where shown in the M series are authored and presented only by Mark.

Booking Procedures

Follow the standard procedure (see PAGB Handbook or your Federation Yearbook). We will also visit other organisations: please ask.
Expenses: The cost for camera clubs is at the PAGB standard expenses rates. Up to 45p/mile for travel, a nominal £10 for depreciation, and the cost of any materials used. We reserve the right to charge other organisations additionally for administration.
Fee: There is no fee for any talk.
Restrictions: We have no restrictions on days of the week, and will travel anywhere within accessible distances.

Equipment Requirements

We provide: Projection system; sound system (Talks L and J6); display materials including some prints, maps and books. Talk H uses entirely prints.

You provide: Screen; projector stand; power supply (2 x 13A); 2.5m table space for display materials and space for 8 prints. Talk H only requires an illuminated print stand, preferably to take 2 prints side by side, and display space for some prints.