These topics in the M series of short presentations and the J series of workshops may be booked in any required combination.

Talks in the M series are of various durations and are created as we have topics of interest and demand for showing them. The current series, and their accreditation, is shown here.

M1 (15 minutes)Olympic Mascots
(Dual authored)
A look at some of the many Olympic mascots which were displayed around London during 2012
M2 (30 minutes)Digital Projection
(Author is Mark)
The principles of colour presentation showing how they lead to the several technologies for digital projection. Projector types and models and how to set them up.
[First shown to the RPS Imaging Science Group at ‘Good Picture 2012’]
M3 (30 minutes)Street Photography
(Dual authored)
How to approach this style of photography
M4 (45 minutes)Notting Hill Carnival
(Dual authored)
Some of our successes taken over many years. Grouped into topics with explanations and advice. Overlaps with M3, so not both together.
M5 (30 minutes)JPEG Dissected
(Author is Mark)
What’s in a JPEG file? How can it become very large? How can we prevent that?
[First shown to the RPS Imaging Science Group at ‘Good Picture 2018’. Based on research commissioned by the PAGB Executive.]