PAGB Technical Standards

Depository of the Technical Standards Committee (2005-2007)

Members: Mark Buckley-Sharp (Chairman), Ian Lyons, Roger Force (2005-2006), Mike Wheatley (2006-2007).

The Committee was established in April 2005 in response to enquiries from Federations concerning ‘standards’ for projected digital images (PDI). The Committee was replaced in April 2007 on completion of its final report ‘Standards for Events’. The contents of this site remain as an archive.


  • To record a full range of opinions, including new developments.
  • (2005-2006): To gather existing information which could lead to recommendations for PDI.
  • (2006-2007): To publish work to date, and then develop simpler documents as guidelines, checklists and minimum standards for PDI.


  • Opinions: This is a private site containing notes of opinions and work in progress. Contributions by individuals are given in good faith to assist the work of the Committee, and may be changed/updated at any time. Opinions may have been summarised before recording by the Committee. Opinions from individuals are not necessarily endorsed by any organisation with which they may appear to be affiliated.
  • Recommendations: Nothing on this site shall be taken to be a recommendation for any manufacturer, or supplier of equipment or services, as compared to any other.

Principal Reports

These reports have been ratified for publication by the PAGB Executive.

  • Third Interim Report, April 2006. Collated technical information from the Committee’s search of current practice.
  • Standards for Events, April 2007, v2.2. Standards and Guidance for event organisers.

Sections of this Archive

Reports Reports received by the PAGB Executive
Snippets Observations updating particular Report sections
Drafts Guidance work in progress
Notes Source material for reports and guidance


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