Newsletters / Reports of the British Computer Society – Health Informatics Forum / London & South East Region
(Formerly the London Medical Specialist Group)

Editor: Mark Buckley-Sharp CEng FBCS CITP

From September 2006, meetings reports are published by the Society in Health Informatics Now.

#: PublishedContaining TitleMeeting Date
60: July 2006Update on Connecting for Health in London20th July 2006
59: May 2006Using Routinely Collected GP Data for Quality and Research18th May 2006
 Lessons from the Failure of a Key System18th May 2006
58: March 2006Debate: Real Innovation in Healthcare ICT is Driven by Clinicians22nd March 2006
 Commentary: Healthcare Computing 2005 conference21-23rd March 2006
57: November 2005RFID in Healthcare17th November 2005
56: September 2005GP Views of NPfIT14th September 2005
55: May 2005Wireless LANs at UCLH.18th May 2005
54: April 2005Debate: The National Programme for IT will Meet Clinical Needs23rd March 2005
53: January 2005The Existing Systems Programme (NPfIT)26th January 2005
52: November 2004The UCLH Experience of Implementing IDX Carecast24th November 2004
51: September 2004Managing Successful Programmes.22nd September 2004
50: May 2004Debate: NHS Care Records Lift-Off24th March 2004
 Commentary: Healthcare Computing 2004 conference23-25th March 2004
 e-Booking12th May 2004
49: March 2004Patients and Confidentiality19th November 2003
 EPR – Risk versus Benefit21st January 2004
48: October 20032010 Healthcare Delivery and IT Support4th June 2003
 Providing the Public with Web Services17th September 2003
47: July 2003TeleMedicine in Practice 17th July 2003
46: May 2003Debate: Using National IT Solutions is Essential25th March 2003
 Commentary: Healthcare Computing 2003 conference24-26th March 2003
45: March 2003We Need to Take Really Radical Steps21st November 2002
 Bringing Healthcare Information to the Public23rd January 2003
44: November 2002Managing the Social Care Information Agenda8th November 2001
 NHS Direct. Putting the E into E-Health31st January 2002
 London-wide Encryption16th May 2002